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Savvy is a Guardian side guild on the Galena server of Rift: Planes of Telara. Savvy is an offshoot from Savvy of Echo Isles in the World of Warcraft. If you play WoW, you should be playing with Savvy!  Check them out at  We are not a multi-game guild and we do not share governance or administration.

We are a social guild geared towards the more mature, casual player, where rushing to endgame content is NOT the primary focus. All the members of Savvy consider the guild to be a community of friends from different walks of life, who enjoy each other’s company while we kill stuff. We are a guild that supports friendship and fun over the “OMG Gimmie phat lewtz!” approach. We are not hardcore, but a group that tackles instances with a balance of seriousness and silliness. Although we play for the enjoyment and camaraderie among Savvies, we are very skilled players who excel in our chosen classes. We are very serious about having fun.

We are an extended family, so we realize that real life comes first whether you have school, work long hours, have small children, or need to work on spouse faction. We support you. There are also those who are able to enjoy Rift more often, for longer hours, and we support you as well. Although some Savvies have chosen to alter their playing style or create an additional character to fill a necessary role, nobody will be required to specialize or play a certain way to meet the needs of the guild. Savvies are generous and selfless, so, if a need arises, options become available.

We are a guild of players focused on group instances, world interaction, PvP, crafting and socializing. We are serious about being a guild family and are open to mature, fair-minded people of all classes and professions. Courteous behavior and a commitment to support our growing guild community are the primary expectations of all members. Savvy has a guild charter that will be strictly enforced. Maturity, fairness and respect are what we are all about.

For additional information about how we work, contact a Savvy and ask any questions you wish. You may also read the Savvy Charter in the information section. Note that the charter is considered a living document and subject to change over time.

If you would like to apply to Savvy, click here and fill out our application. PLEASE READ THE SAVVY CHARTER PRIOR TO APPLYING - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO US AS A GUILD. Also, we ask that you answer the application questions completely and to the best of your ability... Remember, this is the guild's first impression of you!

We are always willing to consider new member applications to determine their "Savvyness," and all who apply will have equal opportunity to become full members, depending on how much Rum they hand out. Savvy is first and foremost a SOCIAL guild. We enjoy each other’s company and play for the fun of playing together. This is what is meant by being Savvy. We will always remain Savvy, and since we are growing so fast, this is going to become more important.

Welcome! Browse at your leisure.

Guild News

Savvy has moved

Ayoa, Jul 8, 11 12:54 AM.
Our old shard (Rocklift) has been reserved for trial accounts only in the future and we have been prompted to move out characters.  Savvy has relocated to Galena.  

According to Trion, since this is a non-voluntary move, the restrictions on currency and minimum character do not apply at this time.  Also, since I moved the guild, you will be allowed to transfer to Galena even if Galena would otherwise be closed to transfers.

Despite some frustrations over name availability, we're optimistic about the move.  The server population seems healthier.  Look forward to seeing everyone there!

New Trial

Ayoa, Mar 24, 11 1:34 AM.
Welcome Gabahuai (aka Fred)!  Our newest trial member.

PUG Hours

Ayoa, Mar 23, 11 4:53 PM.
WHO:  All Savvies looking to run an instance, warfront, etc.

WHEN:  Mondays at 6pm and Wednesdays at 8pm server.

WHERE:  Anywhere in-game

WHAT:  If you're looking for an all-Savvy run at something, this is the best time.

WHY:  We're small and leveling so formal scheduling of specific content is a bit premature. Being small, finding four other Savvies at a random day/time to run with you can sometimes be difficult.  That's why we've set up these two times during the week so that like-minded Savvies can find each other and go plunger some booty!  I encourage all Savvies to log into the game during these times to check out what shenanigans are going on.
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